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SHRED was born out of Michael's passion for fitness, healthy living, and having fun. 


Before I discovered HIIT training and group fitness around 7 years ago, I would go to the gym a few times a week and lift weights. Occasionally I would go out for a run. "That should take care of my fitness..." I thought. But - I was far from fit. I didn't feel fit, and I didn't look fit. 


Then I reluctantly went to a group fitness class birthday party for a friend's girlfriend (yes, I also thought - who does a workout class for their birthday?!?! But I went). It was a HIIT class, very similar in style to SHRED - and well, turns out I absolutely loved it. My first group workout class, my first HIIT workout. It was a completely different level of intensity than I could ever muster in my gym sessions pumping iron. It had a different energy, I loved the group dynamic, I loved the full-body approach (versus chest day and arms day), and my body felt different. In the month after the birthday class, I went 12 times - 3 times a week and that was the start of my fitness transformation. And I've never looked back. 


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My body changed. My level of fitness changed. My energy levels changed. And I realized you could get fit, have fun and make friends at the same time. About 6 months into this fitness transformation in 2016, I also enrolled in my very first obstacle course race, the Spartan Race. It was amazing. It gave me a place to put my new-found fitness to the test. It represented the perfect blend of strength and cardio, endurance and agility that my HIIT training developed in me. I immediately fell in love with this - and after just a couple of races, I was participating in the Spartan Race Competitive Circuit. Since then, I have competed in nearly 70 races, in more than 15 countries, from Andorra to South Africa, from Poland to Colombia, from France to the Czech Republic with several top 10 and top 5 finishes in my division as well as reaching the podium twice with Bronze Medal finishes. My last race before being impacted by the pandemic, was the Spartan World Championships in Sparta, Greece. 


So with this love of strength and endurance training, while the world was figuring out how to stay fit and healthy during these new times, I developed SHRED. Launched in October 2020, SHRED was created to share my love of a fitness-focused lifestyle with others, opening their eyes to how much fun you can have getting shredded.

As we reflect on our journey, it's clear that we've evolved in remarkable ways. We've expanded our class offerings, ensuring a more holistic approach to fitness. While our foundation remains rooted in fitness-focused classes, we've broadened our scope to include community-building events, opportunities for relaxation, and pathways to inner peace through an extensive yoga program. But our commitment doesn't stop there. We've forged partnerships with local restaurants, cafes, tour providers, and spas, enabling us to offer our members exclusive discounts that enrich their lives beyond the gym. At That SHRED Life, we're dedicated to empowering our community to live fuller, more balanced lives, both inside and outside our studio walls.

I hope you'll join me on this journey as it grows into so much more:

A community of coaches, friends, and shredders.

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