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SHRED Gives Back

From what we get, we can make a living, from what we give, however, makes a life.

That SHRED Life! Giving back has always been an important part of SHRED. Since our inception, sharing with our community was integrated in the SHRED philosophy and is formalized in our SHRED Gives Back Program. It encompasses two key support focuses: 

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SHRED Gives Back Logo Transp.png
SHRED Gives Back Logo Transp.png

First Friday's SHRED Gives Back Classes

Benefitting Helping Hands

Since the beginning of SHRED, every first Friday of the month, we donate 100% of the proceeds of that class to support the amazing work of Helping Hands, Puerto Escondido's local food bank and outreach organization. Helping Hands is a volunteer-run community organization that provides support and resources to underserved families and neighborhoods in and around Puerto Escondido. These SHRED Gives Back fundraising classes have been integral in providing much needed funds to support the amazing work that Helping Hands does in our community. To-date, SHRED has raised and donated more than $24,000 MXN to Helping Hands.


In addition to fundraising, SHRED's Michael has been a volunteer with Helping Hands since early 2021 participating in countless outreaches, bringing needed supplies to families affected by the pandemic, Hurricane Agatha or just generally in need. From helping to rebuild roofs damaged in the Hurricane to preparing dispensas (packages) to be delivered to families, Michael and dozens of other volunteers have helped make a difference in the community we love. 

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SHRED Gives Back Logo Transp.png

Community Clean-Up & Sustainability Efforts

Benefitting Sustainable Puerto Escondido

Since 2021, SHRED has supported efforts around Puerto related to sustainability, and environmental causes including recycling, reducing plastic consumption, and overdevelopment in our community. As a member of the Sostenible Puerto Escondido volunteer group, SHRED has supported efforts such as assisting in the construction of recycling points, leading Community Clean Up Campaigns during Earth Day and throughout the year, as well as helping place Eco Water Filters around the community to provide clean drinking water for all while reducing the usage of plastic. 

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SHRED Gives Back Logo Transp.png

FC Puerto

Supporting strong, driven women

SHRED is proud to sponsor this dynamic women's football team in Puerto Escondido, where passion and community shine bright.

Inspired by FC Puerto being a grassroots team, starting with a simple vision similar to SHRED’s humble beginnings, we are excited to have our SHRED Fitness logo gracing their jerseys and each player equipped with complimentary SHRED Passes. 

We're committed to fueling their training and fitness journey, supporting coach Sarah Wolfer in fostering such a strong bond among the players. Their determination and camaraderie, both on and off the field, are truly inspiring—reflecting the incredible spirit of our SHRED community!

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