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Meet the members of our Dream Team working to make your wellnes experience epic! 

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SHRED was born out of Michael's passion for fitness, healthy living, and having fun. 


Before I discovered HIIT training and group fitness around 5 years ago, I would go to the gym a few times a week and lift weights. Occasionally I would go out for a run. "That should take care of my fitness..." I thought. But - I was far from fit. I didn't feel fit, and I didn't look fit. 


Then I reluctantly went to a group fitness class birthday party for a friend's girlfriend (yes, I also thought - who does a workout class for their birthday?!?! But I went). It was a HIIT class, very similar in style to SHRED - and well, turns out I absolutely loved it. My first group workout class, my first HIIT workout. It was a completely different level of intensity than I could ever muster in my gym sessions pumping iron. It had a different energy, I loved the group dynamic, I loved the full-body approach (versus chest day and arms day), and my body felt different. In the month after the birthday class, I went 12 times - 3 times a week and that was the start of my fitness transformation. And I've never looked back. 


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Leo - SHRED Self-Defense Instructor and Hotel Liaison Manager

Leo, a half Mexican/Danish resident of Puerto Escondido for two years, brings a unique perspective shaped by his diverse background. After enduring seven years of Scandinavian winters, Leo found solace in the vibrant energy of the Mexican coast.

Leo's transformative journey began in a tumultuous childhood marked by anger and violence, finding sanctuary in martial arts, particularly Sin Moo Hapkido. Under the guidance of Ji Han Jae, he achieved black belts and a 2nd-degree black belt, accumulating techniques to regulate internal and external energies.

Discovered yoga at 15, Leo embraced mindful energy flows, shaping his path towards empowerment. Beyond SHRED, Leo educates on emotional regulation, creates medicine music, and conducts holistic ceremonies, offering a holistic approach to balance.

His self-defense course emphasizes setting energetic boundaries and fostering inner strength. Leo's passion for empowering others shines through deep conversations, reflecting his commitment to confidence and empowerment.

Connect with Leo:

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Martin - SHRED Box Fit Instructor

Martin is originally from Mexico City, and has been boxing for almost 15 years. Martin has participated and won boxing tournaments in Mexico and in the United States. Martin arrived to Puerto 2 years ago, and quickly established himself as the premier boxing trainer in Puerto, sharing his years of boxing experience with new talent of all levels. When Martin is not working the bag, he loves the beach, being a dog dad to his new puppy Benito, and exploring Puerto on his motorcycle. 

Martin, is one of the newest members to the SHRED Team - and we're super excited for him to lead our new SHRED Box Fit sessions, combining boxing with cardio, HIIT and fitness training. 

Connect with Martin:

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Nancy - SHRED Instructor

Meet Nancy, originally from Monterrey, Mexico, she has been here in Puerto for nearly two years, living that beach life we all love so much. As a Barre instructor Nancy has been helping people get fit here in Puerto for the last year and a half. She was a participant in our SHRED Fest, and introduced many people to the amazing feeling of getting strong, in a low-impact way, inspired by ballet and Piliates. Nancy joined the SHRED team earlier this year to over Michael while he was on vacation and is excited to continue on with the SHRED team as we grow in Puerto. 

Nancy is an instructor for our SHRED 30 workout, SHRED Switch and will be our exclusive instructor a new SHRED workout coming soon - SHRED Sculpt. You won't want to miss this. When Nancy isn't helping SHREDDERS get fit and have fun, she is working on her macrame business @la_bohemia_nancytorija, surfing, dancing or enjoying Puerto with her beautiful dog Schumi.

Connect with Nancy:

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Angie - SHRED StretchLab Instructor

Originally hailing from Monterrey, Mexico, Angie has recently made Puerto Escondido her home, embracing the beach lifestyle to the fullest. With a background in Contemporary Dance and experience as a dancer and teacher in both Mexico and France (where she resided in Paris), Angie brings her expertise to SHRED to help our SHREDDERS enhance their flexibility and mobility in our SHRED StretchLab class. Additionally, Angie shares her passion for Acro Jazz with children as a dedicated teacher and also serves as a fitness instructor.

Outside of the studio, you'll often find Angie soaking up the breathtaking sunsets on the beach or indulging her love for baking by selling cakes from Punta Cakes.

Angie emphasizes the importance of giving your muscles the rest and restoration they deserve, especially after an intense SHRED workout. Join us at SHRED StretchLab and experience Angie's expertise firsthand!

Connect with Angie:

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Alex - SHRED Yoga Instructor & Sound Healer

Meet Alex, our dynamic Yoga Instructor, originally from France and now rooted in Puerto. With 7 years of teaching experience, she views yoga as more than just physical exercise—it's a daily journey of personal growth. Alex creates a safe space in each class, blending her love for this ancient discipline to ensure students leave with both an enlightened mindset and a well-practiced yoga routine. 

In each class, Alex infuses her sessions with a deep love for this ancient discipline and a genuine connection with people. Her priority is to create a safe space where students can not only practice yoga but also leave with an enlightened mindset. Alex's classes are a fusion of her extensive learnings and personal practices, resulting in a unique and usually challenging experience. She incorporates neurology-based yoga and concludes her sessions with the soothing embrace of sound healing.

Outside of SHRED classes, Alex is also a DJ and loves beach moments with friends. Connect with her on Instagram to experience her transformative approach to yoga and mindful living. Join Alex on this inspiring journey as she continues to uplift others through the power of yoga.

Connect with Alex:

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Courtney -  SHRED Yoga & Fitness Instructor

Meet Courtney, a passionate yoga and fitness instructor from Denver, Colorado. With over 9 years of teaching experience, Courtney is dedicated to helping her students find balance, strength, and resiliency through mindful movement. Her classes feature dynamic music, energetic movement, and a focus on strength and alignment.

When she's not teaching classes like Yoga Fit, Yoga Flow or Candleit Yin, Courtney is most likely outside. She's an outdoor enthusiast who loves to mix the beauty of yoga with nature. You can find her hiking with her dog Rue, hanging out on the beach, adventuring on mountain tops, and capturing all the beauty along the way. If you're looking for a dynamic and challenging workout with an emphasis on strength and mindfulness, Courtney's classes are perfect for you.

Connect with Courtney:

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Eileen -  SHRED Yoga Beat Instructor

Meet Eileen, a long time traveler and wild spirit departing from the US in 2014 to explore the world, eventually landing in Puerto in 2021. 

Eileen is dedicated to movement and the mind-body connection. She is a 200hr RYT and Buti Yoga Certified instructor with over 8 years experience teaching. You can be sure each class is infused with play, joy & intention, inviting you to connect to gratitude for all that our bodies can do!

Eileen is a Shred Yoga Beat Instructor, inspiring others to show up as their most authentic selves, both on and off the mat. Her energy is contagious and you'll be leaving class with a smile and some new songs for your playlist! Off the mat Eileen is an Integrative Health Coach & Holistic Chef, guiding women feel their most confident in mind, body & soul to live the life of their dreams.

Connect with Eileen:

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Erin - SHRED Yoga Beat Instructor

Meet Erin! Originally from Michigan, Erin was first introduced to Buti Yoga, the inspiration for Yoga Beat, in 2014 while living in Kauai. She absolutely fell in love with the powerful flow and combination of yoga asana, high-intensity cardio, tribal dance, and spiral movements that make this style of workout so unique. 

Inspired by wanderlust and a love of movement, Erin traveled to Lago Atitlàn, Guatemala in 2016 to become a certified yoga instructor, and continued to teach there before moving on to explore more of Latin America and eventually landing in Oaxaca. What was supposed to be one month stay turned into 6 years! She previously taught HIIT classes in Oaxaca City before coming to Puerto Escondido for an aerial silks residency in 2020. She has been enjoying an active lifestyle here ever since!

With this Yoga Beat class, Erin’s invites students to let the infectious energy of this music-driven workout allow them to explore new pathways and connections within themselves. Her years of following this style of yoga has changed her relationship with her body, inspiring self-love and a playfulness that she is excited to share with others. This class is designed to be heart-opening, exploratory, an incredible release, and above all, leave students smiling!

Besides shaking, spiraling and flowing with SHREDDERS in her Yoga Beat class, Erin offers Thai massage and aerial yoga classes. She is a SCUBA diver and baby surfer, with an intense passion for the ocean and all its creatures. Come meet Erin at SHRED Yoga Beat soon!

Connect with Erin:

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Floriane - SHRED Yoga Instructor

Meet Flo, a SHRED Yoga instructor and avid traveler who embarked on a journey for deeper meaning, leaving her office job in France with just a backpack. Along the way, she explored diverse yoga styles, energy practices, and mentors worldwide, shaping her path.

After completing Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, Flo settled in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, to share her teachings. Her classes offer a safe, inclusive space for all.

Expanding her wellness journey, Flo incorporates sound healing with Tibetan bowls, harnessing sound vibrations for holistic benefits.You can join Flo for SHRED's Flow Vinyasa sessions and Unwind Candlelit Yin with Sound Healing classes. She also embraces Mayan ancestral ceremonies, including the sacred cacao ceremony, as a holistic medicine therapist dedicated to guiding others on their healing journey. Find your inner healing tools with Flo on the mat.

Connect with Floriane:

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Kameko - SHRED Yoga Instuctor

MA Ayurveda, ERY-500 Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist, professional aerialist and wild creature. 

Kameko’s teachings reflect her love, curiosity and dedication to yoga, movement, self-care, activism and the natural world. Kameko been teaching yoga for 15 years in the Krishnamacharya tradition of vinyasa krama, having studied extensively in India, US and Mexico. She holds a Masters Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine with 10 years clinic practice in Ayurvedic counseling and Massage Therapy. Kameko founded Nadi Girl Ayurveda in 2007, which offers Yoga and Ayurvedic holistic health services to individuals and groups internationally with a focus on female and queer health. She offers online and in person weekly yoga classes, workshops, Ayurvedic consults, yoga retreats, in-depth courses, and Yoga Teacher Trainings internationally. 

Originally from the mountains of Northern California Kameko has lived in Puerto Escondido for more than 5 years and can otherwise be found surfing, doing aerial acrobats, volunteering, or playing with her dog.

Connect with Kameko:

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Lisa - SHRED Yoga Instuctor

Meet Lisa, originally from Chicago, she has been practicing yoga since 2010 and teaching since 2015. Her yoga journey began as a very physical practice and has since evolved dramatically as she discovered the mental and spiritual benefits. 

Lisa is passionate about making her classes accessible to practitioners of all levels, she teaches bilingually, and incorporates meditative aspects, pranayama, and spirituality into all of her offerings. 

From slow and soothing Yin yoga to dynamic Vinyasa flows that challenge your body and mind, Lisa offers something for everyone and wants to empower and support practitioners to step outside of their comfort zone.

Connect with Lisa:

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Maud - SHRED Yoga Instructor

Meet Maud, originally from France, now calling Puerto Escondido home. Maud found her way to yoga during lockdown in the pandemic, after quitting her office job to travel the world.

She kept practicing and learning, from Latin America to South East Asia. As the passion grew in her, she decided to take a Teacher Training course to see if teaching her passion was the right path for her. It was a revelation from the very first day. 

Her mission now is to share this beautiful practice, guiding people to calm their mind, connect with their body and find inner peace.

Join her for flowy Yoga Flow Vinyasa classes with SHRED and discover zen in your practice.

Connect with Maud:

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Ombeline - SHRED Yoga Instructor

Meet Ombeline, our passionate Yoga Instructor originally from Paris, France. Her love affair with yoga began a decade ago, sparking a profound interest in health, fitness, and the pursuit of a holistic and joyful life.

Ombeline's yoga journey has taken her across the globe, from France and Spain to the vibrant cultures of Guatemala, Africa, Bali, England, and Sri Lanka. Certified in Kundalini, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga, she brings a wealth of diverse influences to her teachings. At SHRED, Ombeline guides our Power Vinyasa and Yin with Candlelight Yin yoga classes.

Her journey led her to the magical community of Puerto Escondido in January 2021, where she instantly fell in love with the place and its people. When she is not teaching Yoga, you can find taking in yoga class herself, hosting cacao ceremonies, riding the waves on a surfboard, and overseeing her latest project: the construction of a beautiful house in La Punta, @casaaurorapxm. Visit Ombeline at a class sometime soon 

Connect with Ombeline:

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Lucila - SHRED StretchLab Instructor

Meet Lucila! Originally from Argentina. Tired of the city, she decided to move to Puerto Escondido by searching for a new lifestyle more connected with nature and the sea. She is a passionate physiotherapist and wellness lover dedicated to helping people find a way to feel better and have more freedom with their bodies. As our instructor of SHRED StretchLab, Lucila is focused on helping SHREDDERS build flexibility, mobility, and movability. 

When Lucila is not teaching classes, you can find her helping people to recover with her one-on-one treatments, giving massages, or just by the sea, diving, surfing, or watching the sunset. Treat your body - join Lucila for a SHRED StretchLab session sometime soon.

Connect with Lucila:

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Cornelia - SHRED Partner Program Manager

Originally from Berlin, on adventures out there in the world since 6 years. As a program director of music festivals and event manager of productions of all kind, she is as same passionated as professional in organization and coordination. Head booking and curating line-ups for big stages, bringing together hundreds of artists and thousands of people to create making moments is her favorite part of this biz. Being active in the Live/Entertainment industry for over a decade she is skilled in marketing and promotion aswell, handling the PR Communications as a part of her ressort. For those reasons Cornelia has been part of our SHRED FEST orga team and is already familiar with THAT SHRED LIFE. 

Cornelia's part in the SHRED TEAM is to manage our SHRED Partner Program. In this role, Cornelia is responsible for coordinating with our 50+ SHRED partners, bringing new partners on board, creating promotions for our SHRED partners, and she is also leading our new BreakFit breakfast program with Amarisa Café.

Being fit and healthy is of course part of her life, that's why you will probably meet Cornelia in one of our classes around town. Working that body out, creating good vibes while doing so and connecting to our SHREDDERs and the community. 

Each SHRED class is an event too, a fitness happening, a healthy and likeminded gathering. And that's where her heart is: in the creation, in that vibration. Her motto: CREATE MAGIC! & VIBE HIGH!

Connect with Cornelia:

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Charlotte - SHRED Concierge

Ever wondered who's behind the scenes, ensuring all SHRED classes run smoothly and seamlessly? Meet Charlotte! You may have already encountered her during one of your classes. She's the one prepping the SHRED sessions, ensuring smooth check-ins, and enabling our teachers to be ready for class on time. She's originally from the east coast of Australia and has always had a passion for sports and physical activity. Throughout her school years, she dedicated much of her time to running and participating in various team sports.

In the past two years, Charlotte has embarked on a journey to travel the world. During this time, she spent eight months working at a health and fitness center in the UK. Witnessing how fitness and exercise unite people and foster a healthy mindset has always inspired Charlotte. She's particularly drawn to how SHRED brings people together and leaves them with a smile on their face—a testament to its positive impact.

Upon returning home to Australia next year, Charlotte plans to pursue a Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Science in 2025. She's eager to continue her journey in the field of fitness and nutrition, driven by her passion for promoting health and well-being.

Connect with Charlotte:

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Meet Coco, the official dog of that SHRED Life. Coco, originally from the streets of La Punta in Puerto Escondido, came in to Michael's life in August 2021 after she would continually follow him home. He was not sure he or his SHRED Life was ready for a dog, so he politely resisted her advances for as long as possible, until he couldn't any longer and eventually adopted the little pup.

Since then, Coco & Michael are nearly inseparable and she has surely captured his heart. Coco is the inspiration behind the special monthly classes called "Bring Your Dog to SHRED Day", where there are dog treats, dog toys and a dog sitter, so that you can get SHREDDED while your dog has a play date. When she is not at a SHRED workout, you can find Coco riding around town on Michael's motorcycle, sitting on the beach, meditating while watching the waves, or making friends at Open Mic Night.

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