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 Simplify your SHRED Life. Save Money.

Doubting if you should get the Shred Pass?

If you're all about convenience and saving some cash, you definitely should!

Wave goodbye to scrambling for cash before each SHRED session and say hello to a seamless fitness journey that's committed to your goals, convenience, and savings. With the SHRED Pass, not only do you pocket savings on every class you attend, but you also unlock exclusive discounts with all our Shred Partners—think restaurants, cafes, co-working spaces, tour providers, hotels and spas—all across Puerto Escondido.

SHRED PASS Options & Pricing

3 classes, 10 classes or unlimited weekly, or monthly, pick the SHRED Pass that's right for you! The more you commit to getting fit, the more you save!
AND, every SHRED Pass includes FREE access to SHRED Perks with big savings from more than 60 SHRED Partners around Puerto Escondido.


3-Class Pack Pass - $550 
(Save 8% and get discounts)

Grab 3 classes to start your SHRED fitness journey. Perfect for those commitment-phobes, those with super busy schedules, and those just passing through Puerto Escondido not for a long time, but just a good SHRED time! Valid for ALL SHRED classes. Valid for 1 month.


Unlimited Week Pass  - $1100
(save up to 40% and get discounts) 

Looking to have your #bestweekever? Then this SHRED Pass is for you. It positions you for 7 amazing days of fitness, friends, and fun! This is the perfect option for those ready to go all in on that SHRED life, but are not around for a long time, just a good SHRED time! Plus, you'll save big money with discounts from all of our SHRED Partners. Valid for ALL SHRED Classes. Valid for 1 week/7 days.


10-Class Pack Pass  - $1600
(save up to 20% and get discounts) 

10 classes for those SHREDDERS looking to take their fitness to the next level. This pass is ideal for those who want to get fit, find a fitness routine and save money! Valid for ALL SHRED classes. Valid for 3 months.


Unlimited Monthly Pass - $2400
(save up to 50% and get discounts)

Unlimited, unrestrained, unbreakable! This is the ultimate option for those ready to go all in on that SHRED life - while saving maximum pesos! Valid for ALL SHRED Classes. Valid for 1 month. 


Simply show your SHRED Pass punch card at each session and enjoy the feeling of having one less thing to think about.

Plus, SHRED Pass helps you stay committed, save money and

keep the positive momentum of your SHRED Life going!


Get your SHRED Pass today and put your SHRED life on autopilot. And Get PERKS too! 


SHRED Pass can be purchased at any SHRED Class or Event OR click below to BUY ONLINE NOW!


A Day in the Life of Totianna & her
What a Feeling!

If you are looking at ways to set yourself up for success so that you can hit your health and wellness goals through the rest of the year, SHRED Pass can help. Commit to get fit and benefit! 💪 Pick up a SHRED Pass at your next SHRED Class or order online here - and find out the offers from all of our SHRED Partners.

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