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Introducing BreakFit - A Breakfast Boost to Your Wellness Routine - from SHRED & Amarisa Café! 

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Fuel your workouts like never before with our innovative program that combines fitness and nutrition in one seamless experience.

BreakFit is designed to elevate your training routine by offering a selection of specially curated breakfast packages to complement your morning classes at SHRED. 

Say goodbye to post-workout hunger and hello to convenient, healthy nourishment. Each unique BreakFIT breakfast package has been carefully crafted to meet your specific nutrition needs, whether they are recovery, energy, or power!


BreakFit is on SUMMER BREAK atm and will be back with the next high season!

Check out the BreakFIT package here:

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SHRED Fitness BreakFit Puerto Escondido Amarisa


The Recovery BreakFit Breakfast Bundle is a perfect way to restore nutrients to your body after a workout - in a delicious way! It includes passion fruit water, toasted whole wheat bread with peanut butter, a bowl of fruit: papaya, pineapple, mango or banana with flaxseed on top, with homemade granola and unsweetened natural yogurt. After this Recovery breakfast, you'll feel refreshed, renewed and ready for your day. 

$160 MXN


SHRED Fitness Puerto Escondido BreakFit Amarisa Cafe


Refuel your body and boost your protein intake after your training with The Power BreakFit Breakfast Bundle. It includes detox water: cold water infused with citrus fruits, known for their detoxifying benefits, a fruit bomb smoothie, bacon and eggs: 3 scrambled eggs served with 2 slices of bacon*, salad garnish, butter and baguette bread. You'll feel pumped and powered up after this powerful breakfast! 
*veggie option: avocado instead of bacon (just inform your server after arriving at Amarisa Café)

$255 MXN

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Restore and recharge post-workout with The Energy BreakFit Breakfast Bundle. It includes your choice of superfood infused artisanal tea, a "Give Me the Power" smoothie with peanut butter, oatmeal, apple, honey and banana, a fiber-packed 
oatmeal bowl with walnuts and honey, and bircher muesli, mixed fruits, walnuts and honey. You'll feel nourished, yet full of energy after this healthy breakfast! 

$190 MXN

BreakFit is as Easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Adding a Boost to Your Nutrition Post-Workout is Simple!
Here's How...

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Pick Your Class: Visit the SHRED schedule and select the morning class (only classes before 11am in La Punta) that works for your schedule and your and fitness goals. Whether it's a HIIT workout, a yoga practice, or strength training, we've got you covered.

Customize Your Nutrition: When booking your class, you have the option to choose from our 3 Breakfast Packages - Recovery, Energy, or Power. Look for the 🍳 next to the class options. Pick the one that aligns with your post-workout needs. You'll pay for your class & breakfast together on the SHRED website! Convenient, quick & easy! Attention SHRED Pass Holders: Please use code BREAKFITSHREDPASS when making your reservation with BreakFit to let our system know that your class has already been paid for! 

Arrive & Savor: Following your class, simply show up at Amarisa Café with your SHRED reservation. No need to wait in line! Your name card will be ready, and your breakfast will be delivered to your table.  You're all set to savor a delicious, nourishing meal that complements your workout.

That's it! BreakFit is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Elevate your fitness journey with this convenient, time-saving, and money-saving program. Get started today and experience the perfect synergy of fitness and nutrition.

Book Your Class & Add BreakFit 

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BreakFit is a one-of-a-kind program in Puerto Escondido, revolutionizing the way you approach your fitness journey and your #SHREDlife in Puerto. Discover the power of a balanced breakfast that complements your training regimen, helping you achieve optimal results. Don't settle for anything less than the best for your body and experience the unbeatable combination of SHRED Wellness & Amarisa Café with BreakFit.

Embrace the power of a Breakfast Boost,

and convenience, to your SHRED Training.
Add a BreakFIT breakfast package to your SHRED Class today!

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