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  • Where does SHRED take place?
    SHRED takes place at four incredible locations near you in Puerto Escondido - in La Punta, in Zicatela, and in Rinconada/Bacocho. LA PUNTA: Bonita Escondida - click for map. Casa de Olas - click for map. Nectar Hotel - click for map. ZICATELA: Paradise Gym - click for map. RINCONADA/BACOCHO: Casa Losodeli - click for map.
  • I am ready to SHRED! Do I need to book in advance or can I just show up?
    YES, you can just show up to a SHRED session WITHOUT booking in advance, however, if you would like to be rewarded with SHRED Sweat Points for your hard work (which you can redeem for exciting free things) then, yes, you will want to book your class in advance. You MUST book in advance to earn SHRED Sweat Points. So, it's totally up to you!
  • What is the price for a SHRED Class?
    The cost of regular SHRED classes is $200 MXN, but you can save money on your classes - AND get discounts around town if you purchase a packet of classes, called our SHRED Pass! Get complete pricing details here, and learn more about our SHRED Pass and SHRED Partners .
  • When I book in advance, do I have to pay in advance?
    NO! You can book a class in advance WITHOUT paying in advance. You can book it and simply pay when you arrive to the class. If you would like to pay in advance, you do have that option, however it is NOT necessary.
  • What do I need to bring to SHRED? 
    Not much - just a bottle of water, a small towel (or purchase a SHRED towel), tennis/running shoes - or barefoot works also - and of course, a good attitude! Let's go!
  • How do I cancel a class booking I made?
    It's easy. Simply in your profile, click on "My Bookings", locate your booking and select CANCEL. We hope to see you at another SHRED session.
  • How do I pay for SHRED Sessions? 
    For drop-ins, payment can be made by cash, credit card, PayPal, Wise & Venmo at the beginning of your SHRED session. For classes and events that you book online in advance, you can pay via PayPal on our website. You can also pay with a SHRED Pass if you like saving money and getting discounts by showing your SHRED Pass at our more than 45 SHRED Partners around town!
  • Do I need a (yoga) mat for class?
    You don't need to bring a thing. Our venues are fully equipped for all our classes. Just bring yourself, positive vibes, and a big smile!
  • I am not in shape (yet), am I ready for SHRED? 
    Absolutely! SHRED is HOW you get in shape. SHRED is for guys and girls of all fitness levels. It's for those who are just getting into fitness, to those who are "all in" on the fitness lifestyle. Beginners and advanced. Young and old. First-timers and fitness veterans. There are modifications to the exercises at SHRED to accommodate all levels. SHRED is for you, it is about you, and is YOUR workout. SHRED is a no-judgment zone. You do you.
  • What if I have an injury, should I still come to SHRED? 
    The answer is - LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! If your injury prevents you from being active, causes significant pain or discomfort, you are probably better off resting your body until you are better and more mobile. However, if you have something small or very minor bothering you that you need to be careful of (eg: a sore knee), just let us know before class, and we will give some modifications for you. But remember, listen to your body, that's the most important! When in doubt - rest your body!
  • What about photos at SHRED? 
    Say cheese! As you might have seen, we do often take photos and videos of SHRED sessions to help spread the word about SHRED, mark the moment in SHRED history, and to help inspire others to SHRED with us! When you provide us your Instagram handle, we tag you our group photos and videos. If you would rather not have your photo taken, simply let us know.
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