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For the ultimate wellness journey, the Surfbreak Epic SHRED Pass is your ticket to an unparalleled experience in Puerto Escondido. This pass is designed for those Surfbreakers who want to fully immerse themselves in a holistic, healthy lifestyle and make the most of every moment during their time in Puerto!

Enjoy unlimited access to our diverse range of classes—yoga, HIIT, boxing, stretching, and more. You'll get to participate in 1 special SHRED event that will enrich your mind, body, and soul.  Then you'll get to elevate your experience with two private therapy sessions of your choice—be it an Ice Bath, Massage, Stretching Session, Nutrition Consultation, or a Sound Bath. Scheduled at your convenience. These personal therapies can take place at the studio or directly on-site in the convenience of your Surfbreak home.

Plus, with this pass you can take advantage of exclusive discounts at over 75 SHRED Partners, giving you hundreds of dollars in savings on services and products that complement your wellness journey. With the Surfbreak Epic SHRED Pass, you're not just participating; you're thriving.

Don’t leave your wellness to chance. Grab this epic pass and ensure that you are setting yourself up to live your best life, your healthiest life. Secure your self-care and live epic with Surfbreak and SHRED!

Valid for 1 month. Start date starts with your 1st SHRED Class. 

Surfbreak Epic SHRED Pass

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