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Do it for the Feels, not the Looks

Updated: Mar 29


Let me share a little secret with you—something I didn't always know myself. Before I discovered the incredible power of HIIT training and group fitness, my approach to working out was pretty straightforward: I hit the gym with one main goal in mind—to look good. Yep, I was all about those physical gains, chasing after the elusive six-pack and bigger arms. But you know what? Despite my relentless efforts, those goals remained frustratingly out of reach.

Happy girl at HIIT workout

The Life-Changing Power of A Regular Fitness Routine

Then, everything changed when I stumbled upon HIIT and the electrifying energy of training alongside others. Suddenly, my focus shifted. I went from obsessing over how I looked to embracing the amazing feeling of being strong, energetic, and powerful. And you know what? Mission accomplished! Oh, and by the way, my body eventually transformed too, without me even fixating on it.

Here's the thing: when you make fitness a regular part of your life, something magical happens—you start to feel incredible. Seriously, it's like a natural high that leaves you buzzing with energy and positivity.

How You Feel About Your Body Matters more than how it Looks to anyone Else

That's why, based on my own personal fitness journey, I've built SHRED around a fundamental belief: how you feel about your body matters more than how it looks to anyone else. When you're radiating with positive energy, happiness, and strength, you're already winning the game of life.

So, here's the real goal of any health and fitness journey, including SHRED: improve your overall health, get stronger, and feel better from the inside out. Forget chasing after a specific 'look.' Instead, focus on building a healthy, balanced lifestyle that leaves you feeling your absolute best. And you know what's amazing? When you prioritize your well-being, the physical changes you desire will naturally follow. It's like a beautiful bonus! And if you feel like getting to that critical point of self-love is a bit challenging for you, then we encourage you to reach out to our body positivity coach Leonora Borill. With the SHRED pass you get 30% off your first appointment with her :)

So, here's a simple reminder for you: do it for the feels, not the looks. Trust me, feeling amazing is the best look you can ever achieve. Embrace it, own it, and let your inner glow shine bright.

With love and good vibes,


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